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Linda Overzee

  • Een eeuwenoude traditie in nieuw daglicht. Linda Overzee maakt muurschilderingen in frescotechnieken op doek. De fresco’s zijn ontstaan vanuit haar fascinatie voor de beleving van kleur en gelaagdheid in combinatie met technieken waarvan pigmenten en kalk de basis vormen. Invloeden van tijd worden weergegeven door craquelé en de suggestie van oxidatie en erodering. Zij associeert haar werk met oude fresco’s, zoals wij die nu zien. We bewonderen deze nog steeds om hun schoonheid en vanwege onze voorstelling van hoe ze ooit zijn geweest en wat ze hebben betekend. De tijd heeft ze ondanks aantasting met een scala van betekenissen verrijkt. Hiermee refereert de kunstenaar indirect aan de invloed van tijd op ons eigen bestaan.


    Linda Overzee’s frescoes participate in the age-old tradition of fresco mural painting. In Europe following the Greek and Roman through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance up to the Victorian re-Renaissance. Spanning continents from the Ajanta Caves in India to present day Latin-America. With its Pre-Columbian cultures up to those following Mexican muralists like Diego Rivera and Alfaro Siqueiros.

    Today, a fresco isn’t necessarily executed on a wall with ‘buon fresco’ plaster anymore. The artist Bill Viola for instance made Going Forth By Day, a digital fresco in 2002 and very recently Richard Wright won the 2009 Turner Price with his Gold Leaf Fresco.

    Overzee’s frescoes are made with traditional materials such as lime and pigments, but they differ from the ancient in that they are portable and project subjects other than the explicit. She doesn’t work on commission for the church, doesn’t decorate Livia’s garden with a vista or a ‘trompe l’oeil’. She’s not rushing to finish ‘a giornata’ but patiently enhances the traces of time with ‘craquelé’ and the suggestion of oxidation and erosion.Propositions made by the accidental guide her to unknown areas, build up and break down, giornata after giornata. Gradually she takes the reins over from the aleatory and proceeds until she’s convinced to have harvested everything her fresco has to yield.

    The ultimate result can be seen as a mirror of ourselves, shaped by circumstance along the way, take or leave, gain or loss, happiness and misfortune, chance and design, sowing and reaping. A painting full of elements in which we can recognize the transitory as well as the eternal, metaphors for the layer upon layer make up of our lives.This is a contemporary vision of a very long tradition. Suggestive abstract compositions that invite the viewer to provide the storyline.

  • Linda overzee sirius
    Sirius (90x120x5cm)
  • Linda overzee aphrodite 1
    Aphrodite (210x180x3cm)
  • Linda overzee pomona
    Pomona (90x90cm)
  • Linda overzee eos
    Eos (90x90x5cm)
  • Linda overzee apollonis
    Apollonis (210x180x6cm)
  • Linda overzee danae
    Danae (120x90cm)
  • Linda overzee proteus
    Proteus (120x90cm)
  • Linda overzee selene 2017
    Selene 2017
  • Linda overzee genesis
  • Linda overzee neptunus